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Conversion Masters Has Released A Step-By-Step Training Course That Teaches Marketers How To Increase Their Revenues By Just Leveraging Analytics

Dimitris Skiadas, who has been consulting e-com businesses since 2010, has just released a step-by-step training course called Conversion Masters. This training allows users to comprehend the value of not only having Google Analytics installed but also the significance of deep diving into their numbers.

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Inside the training, users will have a chance to learn how to optimize their conversion rate, how to write an “About us” page that converts visitors into sales. They can also discover how to diversify their traffic sources, and how to tag and track their Facebook ads as well as how to scale their FB ads by using Google Analytics.

Dimitris will show his followers how to configure Analytics in such a way that they will always be able to know where the next truckload of buyers will come from. This product will guide users from copying their Analytics info inside their Shopify store to setting it up. Now users can have the power to turn their Google Analytics into their sales opportunity hunter.

Moreover, the course provides marketers with full details of how toget as much high-converting traffic as they can handle instantly. Marketers can also avoid diving deep into spreadsheets to do the same work manually and see exactly their business’ performance to make the right decision by letting Analytics work for them.

Users will be given a huge advantage as Dimitris will teach them everything they need to know about traffic such as geotargeting, mobile conversions, device targeting, interest categories and so on. The producer even trains his followers how things are done day by day and teach them which days and what time of day is suitable for running their ad campaigns.

By using Conversion Masters, users will know how to get their cart abandon rate and bounce rate as close to 0% as possible. The course will also allow users to maximize their conversions into email subscribers or buyers.

Dimitris will show users the main factors that kill conversion, provide them with a high-converting page copy for the second most visited page on their Shopify store, and explain several methods to increase their perceived trustworthiness and authority online. This module will demonstrate the brilliant way to do proper consumer demand research before users commit to a store idea.

Conversion Masters training course will also facilitate marketers to leverage Google Shopping portal for free buyer traffic. Plus, they will dive deep into Google AdWords, do’s and don’ts of paid traffic as well as proper keyword analysis for minimizing ad spend per visitor.

Besides, another module inside Conversion Masters gives users the ability to tap into the power of remarketing. This is a powerful strategy that lets marketers bring people back to their Shopify store long after the visitors have closed their browser and turned off their computer for the night. It is very profitable once you scale it, and because of this, Dimitris decided to include this module in his exclusive training.

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