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WooCommerce, Magento Reshape the e-Commerce Platform Playing Field

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A Logic Inbound study of the top e-commerce platforms available today has revealed WooCommerce and Magento as standouts in the field. These platforms are competing for space in the crowded e-commerce market and innovating on e-commerce platform offerings and options in order to do so.

WooCommerce wows as a WordPress plugin that is free and easy to use. The study discovered many features that e-commerce businesses would prize, such as plugins, themes, subscription services and upgraded versions. WooCommerce works directly with WordPress, so anyone who is already familiar with WordPress should find WooCommerce very easy and convenient to use as an e-commerce platform. However, those who don’t already know how to use WordPress may find they have to learn additional tools and skills in order to get their e-commerce business up and running. This can be a deterrent for some who simply don’t have the time to learn so much new technology.

Magento was similar in its offerings of innovative plugins and premium upgrades. As an open source platform, Magento is constantly changing with input from the wider e-commerce community. This has made it stand out as an innovator in the realm of e-commerce business. There are paid elements of Magento, despite its beginning as an open source platform. However, comparing Magento and WooCommerce on price is tricky. The price anyone pay for either of these platforms comes down to the plugins they choose to add, themes they choose to pay and upgrades they elect to pay for. All of these features are optional however, so price can vary widely from one user to the next.

The main difference between Magento and WooCommerce is that WooCommerce is a plugin to an existing platform, WordPress, while Magento is an open source platform that anyone can innovate on and improve. Magento is a collaborative experiment in which the community improves the platform to suit their needs. This can scare some people away, as it sounds very technical, but open source technology has played a major role in changing the way we do many things online.

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