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Dryshield To Offer Effective Solutions For Water Seepage Issues

DryShield has decided to offer highly effective and result-oriented solutions for water seepage issues.

Toronto, Ontario – January 30, 2018 – Wet basements are common, particularly during winter and rainy season. It only takes a few inches of rain to cause basement flooding and ruin the items stored in the underground room and deteriorate the foundation of the structure. Each year, a large number of basements get waterlogged and damp because of a variety of causes.

Some of the common causes of water logging in the underground room are leaky pipes, cracks in walls and floor, holes, and improperly installed, damaged or clogged drainage system. During rainy and winter season, rain and snow seep into the ground around the house, resulting in soil expansion.

When the weather conditions change, the soil expands again and exerts huge amount of pressure on the basement foundation walls. Such pressure causes the formation of cracks on the underground room walls and floor. Cracks are also formed because of the exertion of hydrostatic pressure on the underground room floor and walls.

If the cracks are left unrepaired for too long, the small crevices evolve into large cracks that allow water, moisture and radon gas to get into the underground room. Once the water gets into the underground room, it causes a series of other problems, such as mould infestation, decaying of wood, musty odour, critical health problems, etc. Mould, mildew, fungus and wood rot infestations lead to allergic reactions like asthma, wheezing, cough, etc.

Some additional causes of water seepage and flooding in the cellar are sewer water backup, burst pipes, clogged downspouts and improper drainage in the roof. Regardless of the causes, the only way to get rid of all the aforementioned issues is basement waterproofing.

Cellar waterproofing not only puts a stop to water and moisture seepage, but also improves the structural reliability of the property. It ensures that water can’t get into the cellar when there is heavy rainfall or snowfall. This technique can be implemented internally as well as externally.

Internal method reduces the moisture within house and is implemented when the source of dampness is within the property. The external method is used when the source of dampness is outside the property. This method is carried out externally in order to prevent the water from getting inside the foundation.

Furthermore, both techniques require specific skill set, tools and materials that are properly operated by professional waterproofing contractors, such as DryShield.

DryShield specializes in carrying out basement waterproofing in Toronto homes and properties. The company holds a track record of successfully repairing the cellars and crawl spaces. Recently the company has decided to offer highly effective and result-oriented solutions for water seepage problems. Furthermore, the company ensures to maintain the quality of service even at reasonable prices.

About the company

DryShield is an Ontario based waterproofing company. The organization is committed to providing excellent quality of service and customer satisfaction. Services offered by the company include cellar waterproofing, damp proofing, and crack injection repair.

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