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Contour You Med Spa in Scottsdale, AZ Now Offering Botox

One clinic with experience administering this treatment is Contour You, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Every procedure is performed by highly trained and certified staff, supervised by Medical Director, Dr. Siverhus.

Scottsdale, AZ, USA – January 31, 2018 – Since the FDA approval of the botulinum toxin for cosmetic purposes in the early 2000’s, Botox has been heavily used by different kinds of people to cosmetically remove facial lines such as wrinkles and creases in order to achieve a younger look.

While the elderly and the middle-aged are undergoing the procedure to achieve a youthful visage, people as young as in their 20’s are not uncommon visitors in cosmetic clinics to get what is called “preventative Botox“. This is a treatment that claims to help reduce facial lines that come along with age.

Although Botox is commonly portrayed in the mass media and is becoming a household name, there are still people concerned about the safety of the procedure. Given that the drug is essentially a toxin derived from a bacterium, the overall consensus of cosmetic doctors is that Botox is a safe drug to use on a wide array of ages. The drug has been effectively and safely administered in young adults and the elderly with no adverse side effects or complications.

A major factor that influences the overall safety of the cosmetic procedure is the clinics that offer them. While it is true that there have been reports of the treatment providing less than desirable results, these results typically arise from less experienced technician’s and clinics performing this procedure. Clinic’s with more experience and better trained technicians will yield a higher success rate.

One clinic with experience administering this treatment is Contour You, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Every procedure is performed by highly trained and certified staff, supervised by Medical Director, Dr. Siverhus. Your procedure will be administered in the safest, and most effective manner possible. You can rest assured that when you see the full effects of your treatment (between 2 weeks and 1 month after the injections), you will happy with the results.

Aside from their skincare clinic, Contour You also offers other cosmetic procedures such as CoolSculpting, Exilis Ultra, and other laser treatments. CoolSculpting is a fat reduction technology that uses low temperatures to control and eradicate fat cells within target sites of the body.

Exilis Ultra is a somewhat similar method that removes fat from target sites and even tightens the skin, but instead of using the cold, Exilis Ultra uses radio frequency waves.

Moving on from fat reduction methods, Contour You also offers laser treatments for skin rejuvenation using Halo. With Halo technology, the skin can be treated for sun damage, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, poor skin texture, acne scars, enlarged pores, and apparent signs of aging.

Although medical procedures tend to increase in complications as the age of the patients increases, Botox remains generally safe due to being a simple drug that is administered through injection. It is important to consider where you want to get your Botox procedure done. It is recommended to have the procedure administered at the hands of an experienced practitioner at an experienced clinic.

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